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Feb 03, 2022



"Whereas Dr. Schaeffer was more of a popularizer-apologist rather than a traditional academic apologist, his methods were never explicitly systematized, at least not explicitly within his collected works (although there are moments). That is, he does not have a specific volume entitled, 'Schaeffer's Apologetic” that one could simply appeal to.'

~ Dan Guinn, Truth Amidst Tension, p1. Editor's Note: The closest to such a volume is Dr. Schaeffer's Trilogy, yet the Trilogy, while substantial, requires further context in Schaeffer's body of works and articles. Namely, "Appendix A- The Question of Apologetics", "A Review of a Review", "The Secret of the Power and Enjoyment of the Lord", "True Spirituality" and "The Mark of a Christian." Other books such as "Death in the City" that contains a chapter, "The Man without the Bible" are also significant.

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