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Nov 05, 2017


"John Huss of Bohemia (the heartland of modern Czechoslovakia) was a professor of the University of Prague (the Charles University). He lived between about 1369 and 1415. Thus his life overlapped Brunelleschi's, Masaccio's and van Eyck's. In contrast to the humanistic elements which had come into the church--and which led to the authority of the church being accepted as equal to, or greater than, the authority of the Bible and which emphasized human work as a basis for meriting the merit of Christ--Huss returned to the teachings of the Bible and of the early church and stressed that the Bible is the only source of final authority and that salvation comes only through Christ and His work. He further developed Wycliffe's views on the priesthood of all believers. Promised safe conduct to speak at the Council of Constance, he was betrayed and burned at the stake there on July 6, 1415."

~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, How Should We Then Live?

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