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Feb 25, 2020


"This drift toward accommodation [in Evangelicalism] is a kind of mirror situation of what occurred previously with fundamentalism. After the denominational turmoil of the thirties, fundamentalism fell increasingly into a mistaken pietism which saw any challenge to the surrounding culture as unspiritual--that the Christian's job was only to lead people to Christ and then to know something of a personalized Christianity. Thus, the changing, destructive surrounding culture tended to stand increasingly unchallenged. In the case of an accommodating evangelicalism, there has been a tendency to talk about a wider, richer Christianity and to become more deeply involved in culture, but at the same time to accommodate to the world spirit about us at each crucial point. Note that the result is then the same. Despite claims of cultural relevance, an accommodating evangelicalism also leaves the destructive surrounding culture increasingly unchallenged. Thus the two positions end up with similar results..."

~ Schaeffer, A. Francis, The Great Evangelical Disaster

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