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Dec 29, 2020


"The great dramatic moments of history have left us with monuments and memories of compassion, love, and unselfishness which punctuate the all-too-pervasive malevolence that dominates so much human interaction. That there is any respite from evil is due to some courageous people who, on the basis of personal philosophies, have led campaigns against the ill-treatment and misuse of individuals."

~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, Whatever Happened to the Human Race? ~ Editor's Note: In our current cultural climate, we are aware of the sensitivity of these sort of words. We at Francis Schaeffer Studies believe that Dr. Schaeffer would both encourage compassion to individuals (as this was part of his ministry) as well as object to destructive philosophies that would seek to tear down American society, such as cultural Marxism. Both are evidenced in his writings.

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