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The Art of Life

Author: Edith Schaeffer
Category: books
First Published in 1987 by: Crossway Books & Bibles - (Library of Congress)

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Publisher's Description:

written with Louis Gifford Parkhurst (ed.) Life is a work of art--shaped by the subtle shades of patience and creativity, faith and truth, hope and love. And when the everyday activities of home and work become infused with these qualities, the hidden art that lies beneath the surface begins to shine through.

What is the secret of such a life? To be a creative genius? No. It is only to know the Creator--to love Him, to know His presence in our lives, to walk in His way. And as we are drawn closer to Him, the most ordinary events are transformed by his power and presence into a work of art that will shine forever.

Drawing from the depth of Edith Schaeffer's experience, "The Art of Life counsels and encourages with a month of daily readings which have been selected from Mrs. Schaeffer's eleven books. A brief prayer and Scripture readings accompany the selection for each day.

But "The Art of Life is also a work of art in itself--blending the written word, a prayer, and Bible readings with the exquisite drawings of artist Floyd G. Hosmer. Here the simple beauty of rural themes--a weathered barn, wild flowers, a country road--suggest in their own way the gentle beauty of the commonplace scenes in our own lives as they are touched by the Creator.