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A Celebration of Children

Author: Edith Schaeffer
Category: books
First Published in 2000 by: Baker Books - (Library of Congress)

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An experienced mother and grandmother, Edith Schaeffer offers insight for parents and praise to God for the blessing of children.


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Publisher's Description:

Edith Schaeffer, well-known cofounder of LAbri Fellowship in Switzerland, shares her thought-provoking insights into raising children in A Celebration of Children. Excerpts from her many books make up twenty-six brief chapters addressing the blessings and challenges of being a godly parent.

Not only has Edith raised four children, but through the years thousands of young people have entered into her family life at LAbri, sitting at her table, crying on her shoulder, and listening to her tell of the wonders of answered prayer. Edith brings wisdom garnered from hearing the heart-stories of young seekers and applies it to a biblical pattern of parenting.

Gentleness, patience, being an example, living in the moment, fostering creativity, making use of teachable momentsall of Ediths advice, highlighted with anecdotes from her life, encourages parents to reflect the heavenly Fathers kindness and love.

Beautifully illustrated with four-color photography, this is a wonderful gift for parents-in-training and parents-to-be. Even grandparents will benefit from Ediths unusual mixture of common sense and imagination, as all adults strive to create a loving atmosphere for the next generation.