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Title: No Little People
Title: Ash Heap Lives
Title: The Lord's Work In The Lord's Way
Title: In The Mud But Not Dirty - Resisting The Age

Dr. Schaeffer Collection

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No Little People

Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
Category: books
First Published in 1974 by: InterVarsity Press - (Library of Congress)
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A collection of Schaeffer's sermon lessons that generally focus on areas of Christian life and ministry in the 20th century setting. ~ Within this collection of sermons there is a common theme among many of the sermons that "there are no little people, and no little places."


Many of these sermons originated from Schaeffer's sermons from given during their 1953-54 missionary furlough. Schaeffer traveled across the country speaking 346 times during 515 days, sometimes three times a day, about the deeper spiritual life.

No Little People was originally published in Britain as Ash Heap Lives.


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"May we be those who know the reality of both reformation and revival, so that this poor dark world in which we live may have an exhibition of a portion of the church returned to both pure doctrine and a Spirit-filled life." ~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, No Little People.

Keywords: reformation, revival

"Our attitude toward all men should be that of equality because we are common creatures." ~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, No Little People.

Keywords: mankind, equality

"There is no use of Evangelicalism seeming to get larger and larger, if at the same time appreciable parts of Evangelicalism are getting soft at that which is the central core, namely the Scriptures." ~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, No Final Conflict

Keywords: Evangelicalism, Scripture, Bible


Francis Schaeffer Studies has done extensive studies on the works of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. When available, in this section you will find class materials and resources to enhance your exploration!

Publisher's Description:

Most Christians take and honest look at themselves and conclude that their limited talents, energy, and knowledge mean that they don't amount to much. Francis A. Schaeffer says that the biblical emphasis is quite different. With God there are no little people. This book contains sixteen sermons that explore the weakness and significance of humanity in relationship to the infinite and personal God. Each was preached by Schaeffer at L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland to the community that gathered there to work, learn, and worship together. The focus of this collection is the lasting truth of the Bible, the faithfulness of God, the sufficiency of the work of Christ, and the reality of God's Spirit in history. The sermons represent a variety of styles - some are topical, some expound Old Testament passages, and still others delve into New Testament texts. No Little People includes theological sermons and messages that focus specifically on daily life and Christian practice. Each sermon is a single unit, and all are valuable for family devotions or other group study and worship. Readers will encouraged by the value that God places on each person made in His image.


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