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Francis Schaeffer Studies retains a robust following on social media. You can follow along with the latest news and post here on our web site (see direct feeds below), or interact with others on our various social networks and join the conversation!

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Our most active network is on Facebook. Our Facebook Page is our main presence on Facebook, but our group will provide you greater interaction with people studying the works of Francis Schaeffer. Both student and scholar are active.



Blogging and Micro-blogging

Francis Schaeffer Studies is active in blogging. By visiting our blog you will find blog artciles that cover our current work, news and various findings. Our Twitter account is utilized in much the same way as our standard social media, but is especially active during events.  



Video Media Channels

Francis Schaeffer Studies is involved in video creation, and you may find our videos on various video hosting platforms. You can visit these and watch the videos on these sites to go deeper into our studies with interviews and special presentations. At this time, a majority of our videos are available on YouTube, and over time will be duplicated on other channels as well.

Other Networks

You may find Francis Schaeffer Studies on other social media networks. So we invite you to follow us where you are the most active.

Our Direct Social Feeds (HTML)

Maybe you are not into social media, but are interested in our work. Do you want to just read our post without joinging a social network? You can easily do that right here from our web site! Just click through on the web readable (HTML) versions of our feeds. When new content becomes available, the pages will load it when you refresh them. So visiting often and just clicking on the links below will allow you to read our current messaging at a glance.



Our Direct Social Feeds (RSS)

Do you use an RSS aggregator or subscription tool? You can add our feed by using either of the following links. The single feed is provided for those wishing a lite auto-updating RSS feed that just shows the current, and the full feed for those who desire the RSS history:




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Truth Admidst Tension: The Practical Apologetic Methodology of Francis Schaeffer, by Dan Guinn