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Jul 23, 2022



"Bible-believing Christianity, wherever it has gone preaching Christ and Him crucified and raised from the dead and keeping as its primary message justification by faith, has always been followed by certain peripheral and secondary blessings. These blessings have not followed in a day, but they have always come. What are these peripheral blessings--the emancipation of women, the freeing of slaves, the increase of education, and, in general, a rise in the level of civilization, including the material benefits of a high standard of living. There are many others, but the greatest of the peripheral blessings that have followed historic Bible-believing Christianity has always been an increase in individual liberties. Remember, this is not the primary message of Christianity. It is a purely secondary result of the preaching of the cross."

~ Dr. Francis Schaeffer, Revolutionary Christianity, Biblical Missions 14.2 (February 1948)

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